Efficient Brick Firing
Maximizing Output, Minimizing Fuel with Basamad Firing Automation
Automate brick baking in your oven in less than a month
Processes of baking automation in Hoffman furnace

Installed Successfully in Over 50 Kilns

Basamad Baking Automation has achieved successful implementation in over 50 kilns nationwide.

Warranty and Post-Sales Support

Basamad Baking Automation comes complete with a one-year warranty and an extensive five-year post-sales support package.

Comprehensive Online and On-Site Support

Benefit from our comprehensive support options including telephone, online, and on-site assistance for all your Basamad Baking Automation requirements.

Real-Time Baking Insights

Keep track of your Kiln's baking progress from your mobile device, ensuring real-time insights anytime, anywhere.

BakeGuard Application

Gain valuable insights through the BakeGuard application, offering you access to production analytics, sales data, inventory management, daily reports, and a range of specialized parameters.

Join the BakeGuard Program and supercharge your brick and tile production
Baking Booster
Product features

300% Production Boost

Our experience with other kilns indicates that production capacity can be increased by up to 300% in certain cases.

Regular Reporting

Monitor production, inventory, and factory sales statistics in real-time.

Scientific Kiln Analysis

Receive periodic scientific analyses of the production status and conditions of the kiln.
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