UNIDO Certificate

Appreciation for Basamad Automatic Hoffmann Kiln


Basamad Automatic Kiln (BAK) is a United Nations Industrial Development Organization approved plan for the optimization of traditional Hoffmann kilns. UNIDO is a United Nations agency dedicated to the promotion of industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. BAK is also jointly certified by the Iranian Fuel Conservation Company (IFCO) as an industrial energy efficiency plan in a national scope.

One of the main goals of UNIDO is to facilitate transformation to a sustainable industrial development by combating greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Economic growth through industrial development brings about an increased productivity, which in turn increases emissions, as in the case of China, US, and Brazil. As a result, it is necessary to identify energy-intensive industries as well as major sources of pollution and carbon emission, especially in developing countries.

Numerous studies show that industries such as steel, petrochemistry, concrete, brick and ceramic are among world’s most polluting sources. Being first invented in the 19th century, Hoffmann kiln technology is 200 years old and needs to be upgraded simply because it is energy-intensive, unsustainable, and responsible for up to 90% of a brick factory’s total fuel consumption. As thus, Hoffmann kiln technology is not only among world’s most polluting sources, but also it is cost-intensive.

There are various methods to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in industry, but naturally, a preferred method would cut emissions without reducing production capacity. Basamad Automatic Kilns are the ideal solution to these problems, because they consume up to 50% less fuel compared to conventional Hoffmann kilns. At the same time, BAK models increase brick production capacity of a Hoffman kiln by up to 100%. BAK is a cost-effective solution to Hoffmann Kiln problems, and the payback period is less than two years.

Having made various evaluation, measurement & verification assessments, including installation of specialized gas meters and comparison of fuel consumption in a Basamad Kiln vs a traditional Hoffmann kiln, UNIDO and IFCO representatives selected Basamad Automatic Kilns as a recognized energy efficiency program, and issued an official certificate of appreciation for the project “Monitoring and Automatic Controlling System in Hoffmann Kiln”. UNIDO shares Basamad Kiln general specifications with other member states.


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